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How to Change the Headlights in a 2006-2016 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion Headlight Replacement and Installation

Like many of today's vehicles, changing the headlights on a late model Ford Fusion requires the removal of the front bumper cover. Learn how to replace the high and low beam headlights on this popular Ford sedan.

Step 1 – Let vehicle cool down before starting.

Step 2 – Lift the vehicle to gain access to the front. Remove the front lower splash shield and lower fender liner hardware.


Step 3 – Lower the car to a position where you can remove the upper fender liner hardware. You need to remove the clip that is behind the finder liner; pull the liner back slightly to get access to the clip.


Step 4 – Once the clip is removed, grab ahold of the bumper shell and pop it out on both sides. With a little bit of play in the bumper, it can be pulled forward.


Step 5 – Go underneath on the passenger side to unplug the two connectors. On the driver’s side there is a 120-pin connector in the same vicinity that needs to be unplugged.


Step 6 – Now that everything below is disconnected, remove the three Torx fasteners and six plastic clips on top. The front bumper cover will now pop off. Set it aside so it doesn’t get damaged.


Step 7 – Begin the process to remove the headlight buckets. On the driver’s side there is one extra harness that the passenger side doesn’t have. To remove this harness, simply grab the connector and pop the harness clip leaving the harness attached to the headlight assembly. Disconnect the other harness and remove it from the frame.


Driver’s Side

Step 8 – Remove the two Torx bolts on top.


Step 9 – Gently pull the headlight assembly back and pull the main connector for the assembly. The assembly will then slide the rest of the way out.


Step 10 – Take the headlight bucket to a workbench and place it on a towel or other soft material so the lens doesn’t get scuffed or damaged.


Step 11 – Remove the old bulbs – both low beam and high beam. Start by removing the weather- protective covers. One bulb is a clip on and twist out; undo the electrical connector and grab the bulb assembly and carefully twist it out. The other bulb is clamped in, so you must undo the connector and tuck it up. Remove the small bracket by pinching the little tabs on the side. Remove the second bulb.


Removing Clip On and Twist Out Bulb

Removing Clamped In Bulb

Step 12 – Install new bulbs. Remove the new bulbs carefully from the package, avoiding touching the glass. Insert the first bulb into the compartment and lock it place. The second bulb has a locating tab that goes in one way. Grab the bracket holding it down and locking it back into place. Be sure to put the connector back on. Reinstall the protective weather boots.


Inserting Clip-On Bulb

Inserting Clamped In Bulb

Step 13 – Repeat the procedure on the other side.

Step 14 – If your vehicle has fog lights, this would be the time to change them while you have the bumper shell off. (The fog light uses the same part number as the low beam headlights.) To remove the old bulb, twist counterclockwise and insert the new bulb. Do this on both sides.


Step 15 – To finish up, reverse the steps to reinstall the front lower splash shield and lower fender liner hardware.

Wagner Headlight Bulbs for 2006-2016 Ford Fusion
Part Number Bulb Type Position
BPH7TVX TruView PLUS High Beam
BPH11TVX TruView PLUS Low Beam
BPH7BLX BriteLite High Beam
BPH11BLX BriteLite Low Beam
BPH7ND Night Defense High Beam
BPH11ND Night Defense Low Beam
BPH1255/H7LL Halogen LongLife HD High Beam
BPH1255/H11LL Halogen LongLife HD Low Beam

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