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How to Talk to Customers About Brake Repairs

Connecting with Your Customers

When a customer brings their vehicle into your shop for an issue with their brakes, diagnosing the issue is the just the first step in the repair process. Once a course of action is determined, it’s time to present the customer with your recommended repairs and get the approval to complete the work. How you communicate with your customers can be the difference between getting the green light to do all of the repairs or only doing a few items on the list. Check out these tips that can help you when speaking to your clients about repairs.

Mechanic Discussing Auto Repairs with Customer

How to Address the Customer

When talking with a customer, it is important to be an active listener and concentrate on what he or she is saying. Avoid the temptation to let your mind wander and think ahead to what your response will be.

Be in the moment and let yourself understand what your customer is telling you. React to what your customer is saying verbally or with non-verbal cues like a nod. Restate what the customer has told you to ensure that you fully understand what they’re saying. Customers will appreciate this engagement.

  • Present yourself in a professional manner
  • Look the customer in the eyes when speaking with them
  • Give the customer your full attention
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Show a little understanding to the customer’s needs
  • Remind the customer that they came to you – “Mr. Smith you brought your car to us today because…”
  • Avoid technical jargon

Presenting the Repair Proposal

When discussing the repairs you’re recommending, start by telling the customer which repairs need to be completed immediately to avoid a compromise in safety and which ones can wait. You want to build a relationship with your customers where you are seen as a valued partner in keeping their car safe and driveable. If possible, take the customer to the vehicle and show them the issue. Seeing a problem rather than just being told about it can make an impact.

The proposal of repairs should include a total for all of the work using premium materials. Be sure that you understand why the parts are worth the extra money – you can count on some customers inquiring about cheaper parts. Knowing the benefits of the parts that you’re recommending will make customers feel good about investing the extra money in their vehicle.

Maintain a positive and upbeat tone when talking with customers. Remember that a customer can feel apprehensive when facing the prospect of a car repair, so your attitude can be contagious. Focus on the positive outcome of having the repair completed – a safe and reliable vehicle to transport them and their family. This can change their attitude from one of annoyance to being pleased that the repair is getting taken care of before the issue gets worse.

Auto Mechanic Reviewing Car Repairs with Client

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