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Technical Tips

How to Install the 
D-1414 Brake Pad

Getting It Right


It is a common error across the industry to incorrectly install D-1414 brake pads. All D-1414 brake pads, regardless of brand or manufacturer, come with an inboard and outboard pad set. The inboard pads are identified by two humps on the backing plate, while the outboard pads have a smooth arched backplate. It is imperative to place the proper pads on the inboard and outboard sides of the caliper to prevent future issues.

how is d-1414 different and how does it need to be installed differently?


The D-1414 brake pad has an inboard and outboard side. The inboard pad has two humps on the backing plate and must be installed on the inboard side of the caliper. The smooth outboard pad must be installed on the outboard side of the caliper.

What can happen if D-1414 is installed incorrectly?

If the D-1414 brake pad isn’t installed correctly, you could see one or more of these effects:

  •  Soft pedal, hard pedal and/or wheel affected may bind up and overheat.
  • Offset caliper if the inboard pad is installed on outboard side.
  • Caliper piston won't make true contact with the pad due to offset. If the piston cannot make proper contact, it cannot draw the inboard pad in which can cause different pedal reactions per application.
  • Wheel may bind and not turn smoothly with caliper offset.

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