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Wagner SD® Brake Pads for Heavy Loads & Punishing Roads

Extreme Conditions

Towing, hauling and driving in challenging conditions can be hard on your vehicle. Whether you’re towing a boat or trailer, hauling a heavy load in the bed of your truck, or traveling in tough conditions, every part of your ride takes a beating – including the brakes.

When you hit the brake pedal, you’ll notice that your vehicle handles differently when loaded or when you’re bouncing down an uneven trail. You may experience increased stopping distances due to the added weight of the load, the trailer you’re hauling or the stress of traveling on a rough two-track road.

Wagner SD Brake Pads with hardware.

An Important Decision

Your choice of brake pad can have an impact on the braking power of your vehicle. If you routinely tow, haul or go off-roading, it is critical that you select a brake pad that works as hard as you do. Hardworking trucks and SUVs deserve brake pads that deliver the durability and performance you need.

Wagner SD Brake Pads.

Wagner SD® Brake Pads – Built Tough

Built for the toughest environments, you can count on Wagner SD brake pads. Formulated for extreme heat, frequent stopping and heavy loads, Wagner SD brake pads feature exceptional pad strength and longer pad life. Wagner SD brake pads are made for frequent stops, hauling gear, and heavy payloads.

    Engineered for fleet, municipal, first responder, work and delivery vehicles that are driven in demanding conditions such as making frequent stops, towing and carrying heavy loads.
    Semi-metallic carbon-based friction material engineered in-house to deliver long lasting braking performance for the toughest applications.
    Rigorous OE-style on-vehicle testing to ensure optimal braking performance for vehicles under extreme heat, frequent stopping and heavy loads.
    Features OE style shims, slots and chamfers.
    Premium stainless-steel hardware kits included for key applications.
    Features Wagner OE25™ zero-copper friction formulation.

Tips For Braking While Hauling or Towing

  • Anticipate stops
  • Plan for more braking time
  • Begin braking earlier
  • Don't slam on brakes
  • Avoid riding brakes to inhibit overheating
  • Remain alert to road and surroundings
  • No tailgating – leave space between you and the vehicle ahead of you

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