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Why You Shouldn’t Put New Brake Pads on Old Rotors

Don’t Forget About the Rotors

From checking hoses and lines for damage to replacing the brake pads, a brake job has many components. Before wrapping up the repair and returning the vehicle to the customer, don’t forget to replace the rotors.

Why New Rotors?

Premium Wagner brake rotors.

Brakes rely on friction from the brake pad as it is pressed against the rotor to help bring the vehicle to a stop. If new brake pads are put onto a vehicle with damaged rotors, the pad won’t properly contact the rotor surface, reducing the vehicle’s stopping ability. Deep grooves that have developed in a worn rotor will act as a hole-puncher or shredder and damage the pad material as it is pressed against the rotor. Be sure to replace the rotors when changing the brake pads.

Advantages to Replacing Rotors

Mechanic installing Wagner brake rotors at the shop with the car lifted up.

Replacing the rotors as part of a brake job comes with many benefits. Having a fresh rotor for the new brake pad to grab onto means the driver will experience optimal braking performance. If the old rotors are kept on the vehicle, you run the risk of the pads wearing improperly. This can lead to the premature replacement of the brake pads which will be costly for the customer.

Handling Customer Concerns

Some customers may question putting new rotors on and ask if machining the rotors is an option. They’re likely asking because they want to save some money. Acknowledge their concerns, tell them that you understand but that the brakes are one of the most important safety components on their vehicle and are worth the investment. Explain that in the industry, there has been a shift away from machining rotors and to putting new rotors on vehicles instead.

Point out the safety considerations that went into the decision to put new rotors on their vehicle. Share with them that optimal braking calls for solid contact between the brake pad and rotor and that the best way for this to happen is with new rotors. New brake pads and new rotors ensure that both will wear evenly, avoiding premature wear that can lead to the brake pads being replaced sooner than expected.

Bottom Line

Pair Wagner® brake pads with Wagner premium rotors to give your customer the braking power they need to safely stop their vehicle. Wagner brake pads and rotors deliver enhanced performance, noise suppression and corrosion resistance.

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